Richard Hunt. , Former engineering technician, retired. 30-30 means the cartridge the rifle is chambered for. In designing cartridges, cartridges were described by bullet diameter (30 calibers or 30 percent of an inch), followed by caseload capacity in black powder pellets.

30 30, Right?

30-30 is an excellent medium-range cartridge for sharpshooters. Since Hornady’s success, other manufacturers have added flexible tips. They also have 30-30 rounds of ammunition in their lineup.

The next big difference is the case capacity of each cartridge. The 30-06 is a hollow case that can hold 68 grams of fuel, while the 30-30 can have 45 grams less than the 45-gram capacity. This means that 30-06 will fire heavy bullets at a higher forward speed than 30-30.

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