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357 Magnum, a revolver cartridge with a bullet diameter of 0.357 inches (9.07 mm). It includes Winchester-based firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Elmer Keith, Philip B. Sharp, and Douglas B. Made by Wesson. It is based on Smith & Wesson’s earlier .38 Special cartridges.

What is the difference between 357 and 9mm?

The 9mm Winchester Magnum, also known as the 9×29mm, was designed to mimic the functionality of the .357 magnum bullet in a semi-automatic pistol, similar to the .357 SIG cartridge. Some general performance parameters for various .357 magnum loads are shown in the table below.

What is the difference between 38 Special and 357 Magnum?

The only external dimensional difference between the .38 special and the .357 magnum is the difference in case length; This was done to avoid accidentally loading a .357 magnum cartridge into a .38 Special revolver that was not designed for a .357 magnum high-pressure chamber.

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