380 ACP Auto Ammo

The 380 is less destructive, operating with less recoil, making it a more accurate weapon in short-range, rapid-fire use. The 9mm has a maximum velocity of 1,400 fps and a power rating of 2,465 feet and is, in all cases, a more powerful cartridge.

Is a 380 ACP a good gun?

A. 380 is good enough to carry secrets. These have proven effective, with many people buying them as an EDC weapon that won’t roll off the road or be awkward in everyday life.

Are .38 and .380 the same?

The main difference between the 38 and the 380 is a larger 38-caliber cartridge, but the bullet diameter is almost the same. However, the load capacity is not the same. In most cases, a six-round .38 revolver is used for loading. With certain weapons, the 380 can carry 6 to 12 rounds.

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