.40 S&W Handguns & Pistols

40 S&W same cartridge, trimming the case only a few millimeters. When Smith and Wesson did it, they kept this short version of a large pistol cartridge in a medium/small pistol frame. However, the powder charge was also reduced (with a bit of pressure in the chamber) that did not change.

Can a 40 S&W shoot 9mm?

Not! 9mm and 40cal are completely different sizes and will not eat properly and cause clogging. What can be done with some pistols is to swap out 40cal barrels for 9mm barrels. If you can use this method, you may need a 9mm magazine.

Is it better, Glock or Smith and Wesson?

So when you compare slide locks side by side, the Smith and Wesson M&PK are designed a bit better than the Glock and look better. But in my opinion, it’s a bit more challenging to handle than the Glock. Although they are very close, Glock misses about 10% of it.

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