The 10 Best 9mm Pistols

First, 9mm equals 0.35 inches. When one refers to a 9mm, it can be one of two things: the diameter of a bullet or the barrel of a gun. These are not the same thing. Can keep a barrel chambered for a wide caliber, capable of narrow round shots

Is the 9mm good for self-defense?

So, with the correct hollow point and 124-125 grain ammo, a 9mm defense would work just fine, as it is paired with these two F.B.I. Critical. Keep in mind that some guns work well with high-pressure loads or large pellets, while others do not.

Why is 9mm called 9mm?

9mm Ultra – Also known as the 9mm Police, these cartridges were designed for the German police and go into the 9mm Spot and beyond. 380 automatic. The shell is one mm shorter than the luger and one mm longer. 380, only wears one cover length.

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