.300 Winchester Magnum 

These two 300 WIN popular and widely issued cartridges. 308-inch diameter bullets (30 calibers). The big difference is its power capacity. Even if the short action 308 wins. 49.5 will hold a grain of water, an enormous 300 win.

What is 300 Win Mag used for?

300 Remington Ultra Magnum. It is a popular choice for hunting elk, moose, and bighorn sheep because it can provide better long-range performance at a better bullet weight than most others—30-caliber cartridge. Military and police departments accepted the cartridge for sniping and long-range marksmanship.

Are 300 wins equal to 300 mag wins?

“Yes” is not a distorted answer because these two cartridges give nearly identical, albeit older, performance and 300 wins. magazine With about 10 percent more power than the 300 WSM, it fires bullets of the same weight about 50 fps faster than its younger cousin.

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