Rifle Ammo – 5.56x45mm NATO Ammo

The FN-manufactured cartridge was renamed “5.56X45MM NATON” to SS109 in NATO and the military designation of the M855 in the United States. The L110 Tracer projectile requires a faster twist rate of 178 mm (1-E-7 in).

Considered one of the Ammo – 5.56x45mm most iconic military cartridges of the 5 56x45mm nato ballistics, the US Armed Forces have used the 5.56x45mm NATO since 1964. It has a rimless, tapered bottleneck case with a tailed bullet. The pot having a diameter at the top. 224 inches.

What does NATO ammunition mean?

NATO stands for “North Atlantic Treaty 5 56x45mm nato ballistics Organization”! The main difference is NATO that NATO approves these rounds so that the ammunition is compatible with the military firearms of all NATO countries, which means that NATO countries’ military forces have to use NATO rounds…

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